by Lorina Stephens

August 1, 2019

There is a conversation that should have happened between Vi Cotter and her mother. Now it’s too late.

But sometimes the dead speak through the legacy they leave, and in this case Vi’s mother bequeaths her, among other things, her journals. Do we sometimes seek absolution from the grave? Do we seek reconciliation between the child, the woman, the crone?

In a story of unspoken truths and hidden fears, The Rose Guardian explores the cages we make when we fail to unlock our secrets.

Trade Paperback 6 x 9, 372 pages

ISBN 9781988274614

EPUB $4.99

ISBN 9781988274621


[The Rose Guardian] is a triumphant story about a lot of sad people. Triumph does not bring huge changes or any candy coating—it is a realistic and quiet ‘win’


This is both a powerful and moving story that is told with sensitivity and heart. Masterfully crafted, this book is well worth reading. Highly recommended.


Stephens is definitely going on my list of authors to watch and I hope she will go on your list too.


Definitely recommend The Rose Guardian and look forward to seeing what else Ms. Stephens has written.


Lorina Stephens paints a multi-layered canvas of loss and release, of denial and self-examination, of blame and understanding. The portraiture that emerges as each layer is laid down is a complex and nuanced examination of three generations of women….