September 1, 2009

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Trade Paperback 6 x 9, 268 pages

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Sylvio spent the past decade banished from Simare’s court, stripped of land, ancestral home and title – from Minister of National Security to back-country bowyer. But not any bowyer; Sylvio creates bows from laminations of wood and human bone, bows that are said to speak, bows known as the legendary arcossi.

And now, after a decade, he is called back to the capitol, summoned by his Prince whom he suspects is a patricide and insane. His very life is in danger and with it the country he has served through all his days.

From Mountains of Ice is a story of love, endurance and the meaning of honour.

From Mountains of Ice is an entertaining and original fantasy from Lorina Stephens, highly recommended. — Midwest Book Review

…a non-stop ride filled with surprises at every turn.– The Little Red Reviewer

Among the best fantasy books I’ve read in quite some time. — Brian Rathbone, author, The Dawning of Power