A Shadow Song get well to Lorina

Shadow SongThe first novel I ever published, Shadow Song, is a history set in 1830s Upper Canada, painstakingly researched, representing close to a decade of writing. I am still proud of this novel. And I hope it’s one you will allow me to share with you while I’m setting about making a new knee work for me.

Generally, Shadow Songwas and still remains well-received by readers. What perhaps was the biggest kick for me was about 15 years ago when I was sitting in a rheumatologist’s office, and lo, there on a side table was a copy of Shadow SongI kind of wanted to hold the book up and show the other people, point at the byline and myself, grin like an idiot. But propriety reigned, and I refrained.

I should warn you, however; if you’re a tender heart, read or listen to the novel with a box of tissues, because you’re going to need them.

You can send me an encouragement card in the form of a purchase of Shadow Song as a trade paperback, ebook, or audiobook. The audiobook is narrated by Susan J. Iannucci.

Thanks for your well-wishes!

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