Get well, Lorina, with From Mountains of Ice

So, 12 days since my knee surgery. I will have perhaps reported on my progress by now, or perhaps not. My physiotherapy assessment was last Wednesday. And, yes, I’ve set up a series of blog posts in advance of all this to blatantly solicit your well-wishes and encouragement in the form of book purchases.

This week I’m badgering you about my cultural, dark fantasy, From Mountains of IceIt’s a story about an unwilling hero, about underdogs and wresting power from a despotic narcissist. Sound familiar? What’s of interest is I wrote From Mountains of Ice long before the drama unfolded in the United States.

From Mountains of Ice is set in an Italian-influenced country, beset by raids and political threats from both within and without. And then there are the bone-speakers, those who are gifted with the ability to speak with the dead — the cuculatti. It is a story full of twists and intrigue. And one I hope you will enjoy as much as I did writing it.

You can enjoy the novel in three formats: trade paperback, ebook, or audiobook. All the links are on the page for From Mountains of IceAnd you can also purchase it through your favourite online bookseller worldwide. The audiobook is beautifully narrated by Diana Majlinger who lends her delicious voice and accent to the exotic feeling of the novel.

I do so enjoy getting your well-wishes in the form of book sales. Imagine me grinning like an idiot right now.


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