While I’m recovering, what not Caliban?

CalibanI’m writing this post in advance of my knee surgery, which I’m hoping has gone swimmingly well, and that I’m now home and deep into physiotherapy. I am determined to be fully mobile and up to mischief by August. I’m even dreaming of attending Can-Con this fall. But perhaps I get ahead of myself.

What would really help is for you to encourage me in this journey by sending me a get-well message in the form of an acquisition of my novel, CalibanBetter than sending a card, or flowers, or chocolates — much as I love that dark temptation.

I will admit Caliban is a strange novel, about a strange creature who takes a strange journey. It’s an examination of the concept of beauty, of what is reality or illusion. There are moments of brutality. And moments of ineffable beauty.

Caliban is easy to acquire. Just click on the link to Caliban’s page on my website where you can purchase the novel in trade paperback or ebook. Or, if you prefer, you can purchase through your favourite online bookseller. Hell, you can even badger your local bookstore into ordering you a copy. They may resist, but tell them you’re all about supporting fringe authors.

And thanks if you do. You’ve truly made my day.


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