A new novel!

Cry it from the rooftops!

It’s only taken me five years to write, which by comparison to other novels I’ve written is positively light-speed. But at long last I’ve finished The Rose Guardian. 

This novel is a bit of a departure for me, in that it’s not fantasy, historical or even science fiction. The Rose Guardian does slide comfortably into magic realism, but is most definitely mainstream. What have I done, you say? Well, I’ve written what I think is my best work. Yes, yes, of course I would think that. Every writer thinks that about their latest work. But really, it is, and I can hardly wait to share it with you, read what you have to say about The Rose Guardian. 

I sweated over this one. It was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write, which is a bit surprising in that it required little research. What it did require was commitment, a willingness to dig deep, to apply everything I’ve learned about writing, about crafting a believable story and reach into the mind of my reader. To communicate a common experience, and elevate it beyond the common. That was hard.

You want to know what it’s about?

So now I suppose you’re going to want some kind of synopsis, a marketing blurb, right? Oh bother, I do detest having to come up with those, but because you’ve asked….

There is a conversation that should have happened between Vi Cotter and her mother. Now it’s too late.

But sometimes the dead speak through the legacy they leave, and in this case Vi’s mother bequeaths, among other things, her journals. Do we sometimes seek absolution from the grave? Do we seek reconciliation between the child, the woman, the crone?

In a story of unspoken truths and hidden fears, The Rose Guardian explores the cages we make when we fail to unlock our secrets.

When, where and how

The Rose Guardian releases in trade paperback and eBook September 1, 2019 through Five Rivers Publishing. And yes, I do realize that’s my publishing house. But honestly with all the ridiculousness of going through an agent, a medium to large house, it just doesn’t seem sensible to do otherwise than use my own house, and I have a great team in that publishing house.

The cover is being created by Jeff Minkevics, who has promised something quite other. I can hardly wait.

So, in the meantime, you need to go and purchase my latest, Calibanwhich released earlier this year. If you order through my website, I’ll personalize it for you. And while you’re shopping why not pick up a copy of From Mountains of Iceand Shadow Songmaybe my collection of short stories, And the Angels Sang?

Woohoo, I’ve finished another novel! The Rose Guardian. WATCH FOR IT!

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