New personalization feature for print books!

Great new feature available

My printer now offers a great new feature which allows personalization of any individual print book. So excited about this.

When you order any of my books through this website, you can opt to have your book personalized. All you have to do upon checkout is fill in the message you want to appear, whether you wish me to digitally sign the book, and that information then will appear in your copy, which is drop-shipped directly to you. And it only costs an additional $5.00!

Just in time for seasonal gift giving too!

Did I mention books are wonderful gifts! For the people you care about. For you. For your co-workers. Employees. The barista who makes your coffee every morning while you’re frantic to get to work. The school bus driver. Any bus driver. Random people on the street.

Books, books, books, all personalized. Do it. Do it often.

And the Angels Sang Shadow Song Caliban

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