A website is no longer just throwing together HTML

I’m no expert. Not by a long-shot. But I can tell you, having to maintain three websites, that the world of creating and maintaining a website is now highly complex, fraught with frustration, imperiled by hackers and spammers and all manner of roguish ruffians.

Recently my website was invaded by hackers who planted malicious code, hijacking visitors off to all manner of disreputable sites. It’s taken me weeks of lost hair in finally clean the site. In the end I opted for my son’s very sage advice (he works in the industry), and instlaled Wordfence. I’d have to recommend it highly. Not only does the plugin give you a detailed list of problems, but if you’re unable to fix the problem yourself (something I discovered by breaking my site for a few minutes), you’re able to obtain professional assistance through their premium support. Best money I ever spent. After fixing all the issues, I was given a detailed report of what was done, and recommendations for future protection.

So, apparently one of the caveats is to make sure you log in regularly, and if you have a blog, post regularly. So, this is me, logging in, posting, keeping the nasty-peeps at bay.

Anyway, site clean. You shouldn’t have any problems.

Oh, and btw, you might want to purchase a copy of my latest release, CalibanReally. You might just like it. Or Shadow SongThere’s an audio version of it now available as well. And if you’re into audiobooks, then why not go all out and get From Mountains of Ice while you’re at it. Go nuts.

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