And it’s done!

The Rose Guardian is done.

It’s taken me nine years to write this novel. During that time so much has happened, life events which have changed my perspective, given me new insight, which then required another shift in the story because, after all, we bring to our writing our own life experiences. However, The Rose Guardian is not autobiography. It is fiction, fitting into the category of magic realism, and is a story about three females, maiden, mother, crone, and told through those three voices.

First there is Violet Cotter, an artist living in relative hermitage on the outskirts of the village of Meldrum Bay on Manitoulin. Her story is one of regret and an attempt to reconcile her past with her present. In that story there is the conflict between Violet and her mother, Una, one left unresolved after Una’s death.

The second story is Una Cotter’s, told through her journals which she bequeaths to Violet, a tacit attempt to bring reason into a relationship after the fact.

The third story is Lettie’s, a little girl in search of sanctuary in a world very much filled with peril, mythological creatures, quests and seemingly insurmountable odds.

All three stories intersect.

And now? Now the manuscript goes out to an editor. There will be another small revision. Then layout, cover, and release likely in the spring of 2019.

After this I’m not sure where I’ll go with my pen. I might spend the summer working on short stories. I might also take a look at an old drawer novel and see if it’s worth revising. My heart longs to work on my L’Anse aux Meadows novel. So, we’ll see where that journey goes.

For now I am content. I love what I do, this craft of story-telling.

In the meantime, dear reader, please acquire a copy of my latest work, Calibanand leave a review. It would sure go a long way to bolster a cranky old hermit’s day.

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