After the ball is over

It’s an old song, written in 1891 by Charles K. Harris, After the Ball. I couldn’t help but think of that deliciously saccharine song a few days after the launch of my speculative fiction novel, CalibanWhy I thought of that, I have no idea. Perhaps it’s the sentimentality of the ballad, perhaps the voices that once trilled through its notes. It’s a sad song, for all of its sentimentality. Perhaps my remembrance of it had more to do with the natural valley that comes after the high of an event. Whatever the reason, it remained an ear-worm for some days.

Caliban launch
Lorina Stephens signing Caliban for Lynne Firmani

And so to the launch: it went well, as these things go. There were maybe a dozen or so people. Adam, my son, was a great MC, and gave an excellent presentation about the concepts of beauty and reality in an age of superficiality and questionable veracity. I then spoke a little more about those concepts in the novel, read the opening chapter, addressed a few questions from those gathered, and then signed copies.

The good people at Monigram Coffee Roasters were fabulous, presenting nosh that was not only a pleasure to the palate, but beautifully presented. And the space they made available was comfortable and perfect. Certainly I will be thinking of their venue for possible future events.

So what now? Well, because of my decreased mobility and increased pain, I won’t be doing any other promotional events for Caliban. That one was difficult enough. Having said that, if you have a book club or group, and you’d like me as a guest speaker, depending on your location and the day you’re meeting, I’d be up for that. Otherwise I’ll be working on the revision of The Rose Guardian, and continue to work on a series of watercolours I’ve decided to paint. And of course I’ll be continuing to read submissions not only for Five Rivers Publishing, but for Tesseracts 22: Alchemy and Artifacts. 

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