Tesseracts 22 Alchemy and Artifacts

Because it’s important to examine new possibilities, explore new experiences, I’ve agreed to co-edit the next Tesseracts anthology from Edge Publishing, with fellow author and colleague, Susan MacGregor.

I’m looking forward to this journey, especially in light of the fact the anthology examines the magic behind history, what it is has sparked the imagination of countless generations to either quest for the reality of a legend (Vasco da Gama and the Fountain of Youth), or formed the foundation of a culture (the pharaohs’ pyramids).

Complete details regarding Alchemy and Artifacts can be found both on my website, and at Edge Publishing.

We’ve also created an open, interactive Facebook page for both writers and readers, which you can find here.

Submissions open January 15, and close May 15.

Life truly is a remarkable journey. I welcome sharing this part of it with you.


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