Caliban now available for pre-order

CalibanFinally, after six years, I have new novella out! Very pleased to present my readers with Caliban

I started writing this story back around 1981-2. Did it all in one mad go, scribbling away. And then let the story simmer until three years ago, some 25 years after that first draft. When I unearthed the story, I realize why I’d written it, the journey Tine, the main character, had to take, both physical and psychological, and thought it was one worth revisiting and revising. And so I set to the task of making the story a cohesive one. To be honest, I much prefer the revision stage of writing, because first drafts have always been an experience I’d liken to having your veins ripped out very slowly. It’s agonizing. I fidget and fuss, find any excuse not to continue the scene, the train of thought.

But revision–that’s when the magic happens, when I can see the holes in plot and character development, and get to build around the framework I’ve created.

My journey with Tine was an interesting one. How do you write about a character so alien, so utterly foreign to your knowledge and sensibilities, and write with authority about that character, become that character? It’s a strange and sometimes disturbing thing to do.

After that, I had my friend and colleague, Robert Runté give the story a gander. His main comment back to me was that I had to decide whose story this was. So, I went back and revised. When that revision was finished, Robert’s schedule was such that he wouldn’t be able to look at the manuscript for some time, so I called upon another friend and colleague, Susan MacGregor, to give her view. Her comments were considered, and another revision came about.

After that I had Aerin Caley do the line edit.

Much to my delight, Candas Jane Dorsey (Black Wine, and Paradigm of Earth) read the novella for review, and came back with: …an allegory of a person out of place who brings their anchor with them in the form of deep strength and clarity of character. And then old friend and writer, Michael R. Fletcher (Beyond Redemption), was kind enough to read and review, and came back with: Rich with characters and character, Caliban marries gorgeous prose and emotional punch. Needless to say, both those comments made me pleased as punch.

So, because I don’t just do this for the love of the art, and would actually like to earn a few coins for my labour, I’m going to go all commercial on you and say, BUY MY BOOK! Caliban is now available for pre-order from my site, Five Rivers, and your favourite online bookseller, in both trade paperback and eBook. Will be looking at audio later in 2018.

I think you will find Caliban an interesting and provoking read. And of course I welcome your comments and reviews.

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