Update: The Rose Guardian

I am so very close to finishing the first draft of my new novel, The Rose Guardian. I know, I know, I keep saying this date, and then that date, and then another, but life and obligations continually suck away my creative energy. Between operating the publishing house, and attending to the glass business which keeps Gary and me afloat, there is little time left. But I am carving out hours here and there, stringing thoughts into words into phrases into narrative.

What is The Rose Guardian about? I think I’ve sketched out the particulars of the story somewhere in my blog, but to recap: the story is about a woman dealing with the death of her mother, and told from three perspectives, that of Vi Cotter, who is an artist, and told from first person past tense; that of Una Cotter, who is the mother of Vi, and told from her journals; and that of a little girl, Lettie, told from third person present tense. The narratives do mesh, and it is my hope to draw my readers into a story of ambiguity, of the grey fabric of real life.

Where will The Rose Guardian appear? I’m not sure at this point. I think I just need to finish the thing first, polish it so it shines, and then decide about marketing. I must admit I’m torn about that aspect, probably because I’m not getting any younger and thus with age comes the weight of experience which leads me to indecision. So we’ll see.

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