Caliban releasing December 1, 2017

That’s right. I have a new novella coming out. Only took me over 30 years to write and polish this story. I’d let it languish in the bottom drawer, as it were, and then finally three years ago took a look at it again, decided it was worth revisiting, so set to an overhaul, sent it off to my compatriot in literary crime, Robert Runté, and awaited his verdict. Which turned out to be quite good. Sure, I had to revise again, but that ended up being a fairly straightforward task. When I was done, however, Robert was inundated with work and life, so I then prevailed upon the good graces of Susan MacGregor. She had at it, sent me back to the desk. Fascinating what another perspective turns up.

So, revised again. I believe I’ve addressed all their concerns, and now, at long last, Caliban is off for layout, and cover, and set to release December 1, 2017. I know! How exciting is that? I can hardly wait to see what Éric Desmarais does by way of typefaces and such. He always has such a sensitive eye for these things. And Jeff Minkevics, well, that’s like waiting to open up that present that’s been rattling and snuffling. You know very well there’s going to be something living and wonderful fly out of that box.

What’s Caliban about? Here’s the official blurb:

Tine desires beauty, and freedom from his home. When called to find a missing ambassador to a society of artists, he risks everything for the pursuit of that desire, only to find illusion can be reality, and reality illusion. Sanity is subjective. And it is possible life, even beauty, can be found in unexpected places and forms.

It’s a novella, as I’ve mentioned, what will likely be a quick read. I’m hoping a fascinating read. I have to admit it was difficult writing something with no familiar landmarks, about completely alien societies and species. But I think I did okay with that. Of course you, dear reader, will be the ultimate judge of that.

If you’re interested in writing and posting a review, advance digital review copies will be available.

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