Writing, really I am

Seems to be I can only manage one post a month. My apologies, dear reader.

Writing of The Rose Guardian continues slowly but positively. I’m so close to finishing the first draft, perhaps by close of year. I’m very happy with how the characters have developed, particularly Vi, my protagonist. It has been a challenge writing three separate stories, meshing them so the stories flow as a cohesive whole.

Fine tuning of that will happen in the new year when I set to a revision. And then send it out for editing, which will mean another revision.

But at least it’s coming along, this very protracted endeavour known as The Rose Guardian.

I’ve also received Susan MacGregor’s very helpful edit of Caliban, a speculative fiction novel I’ve been tooling away at for the past 25 years or so. The revision has started. No idea at all when I’ll have that done.

However, I have been thinking of issuing an updated version of From Mountains of Ice. There are a few alterations I’d like to make to the story, and of course a new cover is definitely required. The possibility looms of reissuing the audiobook of From Mountains of Ice. Diána Majlinger, who originally narrated the audiobook, is looking into being able to produce the necessary files. If Diána is successful, I will be able to offer the audiobook through this website, as well as on Five Rivers Publishing’s site. Will also be investigating distribution channels for audio in the coming weeks.

While I’m banging on about audiobooks, I’ve also begun discussion with a possible producer in the Toronto area, coming up with a creative business arrangement. I’ll be talking more about that later when there are further positive developments.

Here at the old stone house things continue much as they always have. There was a wedding in September: our remarkable son married a remarkable woman. It was a day I won’t soon forget. Such joy.


Renovations of this grand old pile of stone are ongoing. At the moment it’s a make-over of the main bathroom to address some old plumbing issues, as well as the renovation of the loft where I work, and where the new library will be situated.

And my days have been made easier thanks to the insight of a new specialist I’ve seen. For the first time in years I’m getting a full night’s sleep. Pain is finally manageable. I’m emerging again, feeling almost like my old self, albeit it with two canes, but at least smiling more.

Until we meet again, dear reader.

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