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It’s been some time now I’ve kept a blog for the publishing end of my life at 5rivers News, Views and Points of Interest. Five Rivers has grown considerably, so that it seemed more and more inappropriate for me to give voice to my personal work and opinions through Five Rivers’ blog. The last thing I want is for Five Rivers to come off looking like the Lorina Show.

And so I felt it was time for me to create a blog of my own, where I could discuss my own writing, the process involved in that; my personal views on the increasingly mercurial world of publishing, as well as post reviews of books I read, and general musing sometimes straying to pontification.

Given the demands on my time, it’s unlikely I’ll be updating this blog daily. I think if I manage bi-weekly I’ll be amazed. Still, I hope to share some of what I’ve learned, pose some questions with which I hope you will engage.

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