Goodreads 4-star review for Stonehouse Cooks

Found this review posted today on Goodreads for my cookbook, Stonehouse Cooks.

Stonehouse Cooks by Lorina Stephens



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Aug 06, 12

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Read from February 03 to August 06, 2012

First, of all I received this book as part of Goodread’s first reads giveaway.

Secondly, it did take me awhile to read this book because I wanted to try out a few recipes. I liked the style of writing. I felt that the author was talking to a friend about food rather than just reading a dry cookbook.

Some of the recipes are not for me. I am a picky eater but making your own food means you can take out the things you don’t like.

The food is more fancy than what I am use to making. Of course I’m new to cooking and still burn cookies.

I’ll update this review after I have tried more recipes. But I’m glad I got this cookbook.

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