My novels as audiobooks

Heard from Gesine Kernchen at Iambik Studios earlier this week, regarding auditions for two of my books they’re developing for audiobooks. We’ve settled on Sandra Gayer for Shadow Song, and Diana Majlinger for From Mountains of Ice.

Sandra has a wonderful English accent, perfectly suited to narrate Danielle’s voice in Shadow Song. In fact, I was so moved by her inflection and expression that I was weepy by the finish of the audition.

Diana Majlinger’s voice is a delicious melange of European accents, and her handling of Italian phrases and words is flawless. It was nothing short of delicious to listen to her read for her audition. Will be very excited to hear what she does with the entire novel.

Anyway, both novels are in production now. Not sure when they’ll be done, but I’m sure Gesine will keep me posted.

You know, there are days it’s very hard and very depressing going the indie route. But then there are days when you get a five star review and someone really gets what you’re trying to create, or something like the experience I’ve had so far with Iambik happens, and you think, yes, it is possible.


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