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Came across this review of Shadow Song on LibraryThing this morning and thought I’d share, particularly because of the reviewer’s validation of the First Nations aspects of the novel, given she is a member of the First Nations herself.

This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers.

Starting this book, I had no idea it would end up where it did. Lorina Stephens did a wonderful job crafting this book, taking us on a lifelong journey of little Danielle. While the actual historical event the book is based off has little to do with the story, it serves as a wonderful starting ground, a brainstorm-ready event that falls into place seamlessly.

While I did not quite understand the intensely deep hatred for Danielle, her family, and Shadow Song by the uncle—was he just an insanely bitter man? A hateful drunk driven by insanity to incessantly torment?—I allowed that to slip me in order to enjoy the other characters and their stories.

Stephens had some wonderful word choices that caught me off guard, wrote imagery that furthered the story rather than embellished, and built suspense with clever foreshadowing.

While some traditional, more conservative modern Native Americans may shake their heads at what some may see as an inaccurate description of their ways and the supernatural, I instead felt immense respect for the feelings and beliefs. As a young native woman growing without much guidance, the emotion behind the writing describes to me what my ancestors felt. Simply felt. That is something I cannot learn entirely on my own.

I spotted a few editing errors, but they did not take me out of the reading… too much. 🙂

I plan on adding other Lorina Stephens books to my collection as soon as possible!  )

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