Review: The Palace Job

The Palace Job
The Palace Job by Patrick Weekes

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The Palace Job, by Patrick Weekes, is a quick, easy read that doesn’t require anything of the reader other than being awake. It’s pure fantasy pulp, a sort of Ocean’s Eleven meets horny unicorn, sentient war hammer, and butch-bitch disinherited baroness.

There isn’t much here to grab your attention, no remarkable writing, no ingenious plotting. Weekes’ attempt to write book from a black perspective is a bit laughable, with a very white-centric focus. There is a social structure and several institutions which are never fully explained or fleshed out so that this reader was unable identify with the fantasy world Weekes’ attempts to build. Mostly it’s just a lot of fight scenes and reads a bit like a script for an online game, complete with sexual innuendo and adolescent fulfilment.

Based upon this example, I won’t be looking for any further works from Weekes, and likely not from Tyche Books either.

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