A New Site, A New Look

At long last I’ve updated my website, made it more functional, and hopefully of more interest to my loyal readers. I hope to post more often here, share my writing progress with you.

Yes, indeed, there is a very strong possibility there will be a new novel from me this year, Caliban, which is a speculative fiction which explores the concepts of beauty and reality through a thoroughly alien creature, Tine. Caliban is currently with my dear friend and superlative editor, Robert Runte. I am expecting a manuscript bleeding with revision and comment, will harrumph around the old stone house for a day or two, and then realize Robert, of course, knows what he’s talking about. Thus I will set to a revision.

I still labour away on The Rose Guardian. Truly I believe it is not only my best work, but also one which has challenged me as a writer on so many levels. It is a magic realism piece, which explores a woman’s grief upon the death of her estranged mother. The novel is told through the protagonist’s voice, Violet Cotter, from the grave by means of the mother, Una Cotter’s diaries, and through the voice of a young child known only as Lettie. For background I’ve set the novel in southern Ontario, from Paris to Manitoulin Island, from the 1930s to present day.

So, we’ll see how that goes through the year. It has been hope to have it finished last year during my recovery from cancer surgery. But it seems my enthusiasm waned under the reality of recovering. Such is the vanity of this aging woman.

Anyway, hope you like the new website. Drop me a line. Please do leave comments to let me know I’m not just scribbling in the dark of the closet and stuffing pages out under the door.

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